The Hamid Zahir passion in two voices

DATE : Sunday, August 25 - 19h30





Fathallah & Jennifer Grout 

In collaboration with daralmaghrib

Highlighting the radiant man from Marrakesh

Nostalgia always takes a joyful route at Orientalys. And who could be more luminous among the treasures of North African popular music than Hamid Zahir for an ultimate tribute in a brilliant dusk along the shore of the St. Lawrence? The singer of festive music who transcended the borders of Morocco all the way to the Gulf will be shining again. Gnawa master Fathallah Cherkaoui together with Jennifer Grout, the surprising American singer who immersed herself brilliantly in Arabic music, are two true explorers of new musical worlds. They will take up the torch of the immense heritage of the radiant man from Marrakesh, returning with a hint of mischief to the songs that established his fame, including the array of songs with female names, from Lalla Fatima to Lalla Souad, not to mention Naima oula Blachh. An unusual feminine touch in gnawi music, the superb Jennifer Grout will bring a palette of original emotions to these works made of rhythms and euphoria. Orchestrated by the ever innovative Fathallah, dances displaying acrobatic feats, tomfoolery and quirky mimicry will accompany this musical show with smiling colours of joy.

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