Bédouins en liesse

DATE : Friday, August 3 - 18h00





Ghada Derbas,  Sami Wehbe, Sanad Sleiman, Aseel Al Salek, Georges Dahdal, Pierre Moussa’s Sahriya Group

Musical direction: Phyras Haddad

Nobody can say no to the call for nomadic dance and exaltation. The night is short, and elation is fleeting! Bringing happiness to festive souls, the Middle East’s Bedouin legacies will surge onto the TD Stage during a highly charged musical visit to the Orientalys crossroads. A fever from far-away deserts will eagerly take over the Quai de l’Horloge, with mesmerizing vocal jousts blowing over the St. Lawrence River followed by fiery beats and jubilant chants.

Bédouins en liesse (Enraptured Bedouins) is a fast-paced tribute to the Bedouin musical styles and chants of numerous homelands reaching from Lebanon to the Arabian Peninsula and including Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq. Five singers accompanied by Montréal virtuoso musicians will come back with great skill to songs by the diva Samira Tawfic plus others by Fahed Bellan, Alain Merheb, Assi El Hellani and Najwa Karam, a repertory forming a banner for the broad diversity of Bedouin traditions to the sound of percussions!

Bédouins en liesse, an outpouring of exalted senses to the airs of the mizmar and to the rhythms of drums caught up in a trance!

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