Naima Ababsa

DATE : Friday, August 3 - 21h30





The great star of Algerian music whom no tour can stop, Naïma Ababsa, will be checking in at Orientalys for a dance party worthy of the most North African of summers! The repertories of traditional Algerian music will be brandished before the audience in a festive atmosphere, with its lively beats blending easily with the dance steps! It will be hard to resist the pure and guttural voice of Naïma Ababsa or her contagious energy: this is a show presented by an impetuous diva who transcends the heritage she bears!

A member of a family of prestigious musicians and poets, Naïma Ababsa began her career at a very early age, enlivening weddings and family festivities. She made herself known singing chaoui and hawzi, later broadening her repertory to include all the traditional musical styles of Northern Algeria, helping in the rediscovery of the rich musical heritage of an entire region. Naima Ababsa has also moved into line with current tastes by adapting her musical arrangements to today’s music: with a beatbox and a synthesizer, she has conquered techno lovers and ignited nightclubs!

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