Indigenous trances, Fathallah Cherkaoui and Tondoa Folk

DATE : Saturday, August 4 - 19h30




(Québec – Morocco- Colombia)

Morocco in the spotlight!
In collaboration with Le Centre Culturel Marocain-Dar Al Maghrib.

The rumour of a chant full of praises rests on the sustained rhythm of electrically driven brass instruments and krakebs! Are you familiar with those detonating Gnawa beats? Practised originally by former black slaves from the Sub-Saharan region, their captivating repetition continues to generate a misty atmosphere leading to a state of trance, a trance that cures everything!

This year at Orientalys, Gnawa music claims a kinship with the heritage of Afro-Colombian dance. Emerging as vestiges of an Africa lost among an entire diaspora, these dances form a carnal moment when shattered bodies come back to life with exuberant force. Colombian dance troupe Tondoa Folk will unleash this flamboyant heritage to the highly charged beats of its Gnawa musical cousins in the troupe led by Ma’alem Fatallah!

This ambitious gathering promises a moment of sensuality with the fusions it brushes up against. The audience is invited to join the musicians and dancers who, in their indigenous trances, send the colourful dresses of the female dancers and the scarves of their partners floating high, whirling and rippling in a spiral of movement, continuing magnificently in an endless seduction.

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