Ivres de Syrie

DATE : Saturday, August 4 - 21h30





Following a triumphal appearance in the production “Alep Ya la -lal-li” at the 18th Festival du Monde Arabe, Syrian singer Ahmad Azrak is back to celebrate the majesty of the repertory of Biled El Sham and to help in the (re)discovery of its wonders. A fiery and lively evening featuring Syrian styles of music and song: from the muwashashat and qudud genres to popular melodies, both traditional and contemporary.

In the Orient, this is called a tarab vigil! People sing and dance up to the first glimmers of dawn in a total abandonment that resembles intoxication. Love, rapture and desire, along with sorrow and nostalgia, are emotions as well as themes that blaze until the end of the night.  A piece of this unique experience will be offered to Montrealers in some very special moments of just letting go, worthy of the finest of oriental evenings. With an energetic timbre and a flawless vocal technique, Ahmad Azrak will uplift the Montréal crowds in a show where delirium can take over without warning!

Ivres de Syrie (Drunk on Syria), the night when Mediterranean melodies reach all the way up the shores of the St. Lawrence!

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