Yatra, or the celestial steps

DATE : Sunday, August 5 - 18h00




(India – Ontario)

With Seshakamal Iyengar (Veena) and Gaurav Isola (Sitar)

Orientalys calls you to Yatra, a classic journey in Indian dance where the feet touch the heavens through virtuoso movements! Dancers Tanveer Alam and Harikishan S. Nair offer us a show where the Kathak and Kuchipudi dance styles cross with the hypnotic sounds of the sitar and the veena. Combining the great refinement of truly noble footwork with aesthetic and dynamic pirouettes, along with sculptural poses and other theatrical exploits, Yatra explores the energy that exists within each of us and gets the body vibrating to celestial steps!

Tanveer Alam is a well known Montréal dancer whose performances are widely acclaimed. Initiated to Kathak dance as a child, he soon became a confirmed master. Since 2009, he has crisscrossed Canada to perform at various festivals, with highly eclectic audiences. Harrikishan S. Nair is also confirmed as an ambassador of the classical heritage of India, which he continues to extol with widely acclaimed shows.

Photo credits: Abunasr Zhanybekov

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