It is forbidden to conduct solicitation on the site, sell, exhibit display or distribute promotional material.

It is forbidden to organize or carry out any promotional activities on site without permission.

Video recording or picture taken other than for personal possession are not allowed.

Individuals behaving inappropriately or dangerously will be asked to leave the site.

The following items are prohibited on the festival’s premises:

– Alcoholic beverages not purchased on site

– Food not purchased on site

– Aluminium, glass containers or plastics bottle

– Bikes

– Skateboards

– Animals are not allowed on the site

The regulation will be effective during the opening hours of the festival, from noon to midnight in the area of Jacques-Cartier Quay.

Thank you for your collaboration.

The Orientalys Festival Team.



To ensure a safe and pleasant visit to the Quays to all its visitors, the Old Port of Montréal Corporation has implemented site regulations. The Prevention/Protection Department sees to their application.


– Shirt and shoes required

– Recycling

– No littering

– Recycling bins available


Walking a pet on site is tolerated provided they are on a leash. To avoid endangering or disturbing others, we ask that persons accompanying the animal promptly pick up all droppings and maintain control of the animal at all times. Please note that animals are not allowed inside any of the buildings and are not permitted on Clock Tower Beach

Alcohol and tobacco

– Alcohol may be consumed only in designated areas

– No smoking indoors


– No fires

– No swimming

– No camping

– No potentially hazardous activities

– Noise must be kept to reasonable levels

– Fishing is forbidden on the site with the exception of the ice fishing village at the Clock Tower Quay, within its hours of operation.


– No horse-drawn carriages

– No skateboarding

– No motor scooters

– No cars allowed outside parking lots and their access roads

– Drivers must obey signage

– Pedestrians have right-of-way

– Drivers must drive carefully


– Obey signage

– No RVs

Soliciting and events

– No soliciting on the site

– No sale, exhibition, posting or distribution of promotional material.

– Activities may not be held or promoted on the site without permission.

– Filming or photography for other than personal use must be authorized.

– Boating

Must follow rules, signage and staff instructions

Boats must be moored at the Port d’escale, Yacht Club Montréal or locks (while waiting to lock through).

Boats may not be launched without SVPM authorization

Complete regulations are available from the Prevention/Protection Department.

Phone: 514-496-0606